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[Jan. 16th, 2013|12:48 pm]
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Ferrett is still ventilated and heavily sedated, but he already looks better than yesterday. They don't know when he will be off the ventilator, and they added a nasal tube to drain his stomach, so instead of the "less equipment every time you see him" we actually have more. I count nine--NINE--IV bags right now.

It's hard. But he is waking intermittently and squeezing my hand.

[User Picture]From: jeffpalmatier
2013-01-16 05:55 pm (UTC)


I'm very glad he's looking better and he can see that you're there and communicate via touch.
[User Picture]From: kathrynrose
2013-01-16 06:13 pm (UTC)


From: anonymousalex
2013-01-16 06:20 pm (UTC)


The hand squeezing part made me smile a little.

[User Picture]From: anderyn
2013-01-16 07:02 pm (UTC)


That sounds encouraging, though, that he's waking and communicating, even with the ventilator and all.

Praying that he'll be up and around and running Fiasco at the next MI convention -- and that this will all be a bad memory then.
[User Picture]From: mishamish
2013-01-16 07:20 pm (UTC)


Tiffin and I are thinking about you guys. Wish there was more we could do to help. Glad he's better.
[User Picture]From: ba1126
2013-01-16 10:17 pm (UTC)


I'm not a medico, but I'd guess the sedation is to give the stitches time to heal, which they will do better if he's not moving around a lot. BECAUSE he is sedated, he needs the ventilator and IV bags. Hope he progresses well!