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Clarification - The Fucking Bluebird of Goddamn Happiness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Clarification [Sep. 8th, 2003|09:33 pm]
[Current Mood |rushedrushed]

The problem with writing posts while you are doing a dozen other things is sometimes you miss vital bits of information. Which I did in my last post.

The point was supposed to be contrasting the pointless efforts of trying to stay with my ex, who had no desire to change and only wanted me to stop wanting things, with the choice to stay with Ferrett, who has worked very hard to try and find the middle ground, neither surrendering to my every whim nor browbeating me into utter submission. The combination of someone who really wanted to make things work and my willingness to let it go if it didn't has led to a better relationship. Things are good now. And it was a fight worth fighting.

Figuring out which fights are, that's the trick.

[User Picture]From: zigurat
2003-09-09 07:23 am (UTC)
I hope I always make the fight worth it for my wife.

There are times I haven't in the past, and I have to worry about it a bit right now, just because I'm struggling with being able to do everything. And I still never know when I'm going to tip over the edge at the moment. Fortunately, it's rare because I can see it coming and, well, medication. And it's not quite so far over the edge as it was for a while. We had three really bad months.
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[User Picture]From: zoethe
2003-09-10 01:18 am (UTC)
You're trying to get better. That counts for a lot.

Hang in there, dude.
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