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More spin!!! [Mar. 26th, 2003|12:46 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

First year law students were subjected to a mandatory (as in they took attendance) advising session last night, in anticipation of registration for summer and fall next week. Mostly it consisted of, “Pay attention to your required classes so you don’t screw yourself at the end of your schooling.” Straightforward enough.

One bit of news dismayed us night students, however. Because registration times are based on credit hours (the more you have, the earlier you register, so that third-years can get the classes they need), we first-year night students go last. After first-year day students, who have of course earned more hours. But the second half of Civil Procedure and the first half of Constitutional Law are only taught in the evening, and ambitious day students who want to get the first year requirements out of the way ASAP will have first crack at those classes.

In other words, we night students who have to struggle to get in all our hours may well end up shut out of the classes we need in order to stay on track for a 4-year program.

I was irate yesterday. But this morning, after another early-rising study session and fighting off a panic attack in the bathroom, a new perspective on the subject came to me. It wouldn’t kill me to have this summer off. This definitely clocks in as one of the most difficult years of my life, between the stresses of job changing, school, and a major injury from which I am still recovering. If I get shut out of classes, my law school career is not going to be over – it’s just going to be boring for one more semester as I finish the basics.

So instead of stewing about whether I’m getting in or not, I’m leaving it in the hands of the goddess, fate, karma, what-have-you. Getting in is optimal, but I can be happy with not.