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Thriller - The Fucking Bluebird of Goddamn Happiness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thriller [May. 25th, 2006|10:24 pm]
[Current Mood |cynicalcynical]

Michael Jackson plans to tour in Japan.

What is there to say except, "It goes to 11"?

From: wildcelticrose
2006-05-26 02:47 am (UTC)
Dang he's gotten scary looking

And he was such a cute kid
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[User Picture]From: zoethe
2006-05-26 11:14 am (UTC)
Only in America can a cute black kid gow up to be an ugly white woman....
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[User Picture]From: fairegoddess
2006-05-26 02:49 am (UTC)
Nothing, except, "So does his taste in boys". [/groan]
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[User Picture]From: zoethe
2006-05-26 11:15 am (UTC)
mee-OW!!!! LOL!!!!
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[User Picture]From: theferrett
2006-05-26 11:36 am (UTC)
I thought that's what she meant!

My wife gets a lot of credit for being funny, even when she's not trying.
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[User Picture]From: his_angel
2006-05-26 03:45 am (UTC)
What is there to say except, "It goes to 11"? What? Is 11 the max age he finds boys attractive? *snickersnortlaff*

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[User Picture]From: yndy
2006-05-26 06:52 am (UTC)
Jackson was quoted as saying, "I look forward to my visit to Japan because I have so many fond memories of my visits there.


My cousin was high up in the organization on his last aborted Japan tour... you know the one he was on in 1993 when he had to come home quick to deal with "allegations"??


Fond memories of Japan - yeah... right... and of having everyone on the tour sign non-disclosure agreements... if they talked to anyone and it got to the press? serious financial repercussions! :O

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[User Picture]From: zoethe
2006-05-26 11:32 am (UTC)
Maybe he should spend his time in Thailand instead....
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[User Picture]From: shawnj
2006-05-26 09:47 am (UTC)
"It goes to 11"

What is the age range of the fans let backstage?
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[User Picture]From: zoethe
2006-05-26 11:34 am (UTC)
We have a Jeopardy winner!

(You know, I didn't even get my double entendre when I wrote that last night. I'm much funnier than I know!)
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: kmg_365
2006-05-26 12:22 pm (UTC)
My initial thought was that you were referring to the size of his penis. My second thought was "wow, Gini's sure being generous!"

What can I say...I'm still half asleep. ;-)
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[User Picture]From: zoethe
2006-05-26 12:33 pm (UTC)
You of all people....
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[User Picture]From: spooke
2006-05-27 12:33 am (UTC)
Oddly appropriate...
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