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The weather is always a polite topic.... - The Fucking Bluebird of Goddamn Happiness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The weather is always a polite topic.... [Jul. 22nd, 2003|07:02 am]
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[Current Music |Eminem - Cleaning Out My Closet]

Yesterday morning I bemoaned the drear of a sullen storm.

Last night’s weather incurred squeals of glee.

We had a date with Kat and Eric to see Rivers and Tides* on their side of town, and left in the middle of a decent rainstorm.

Somewhere right around the time we got on the freeway, the sky ripped open and the deluge began. Ferrett suggested that I turn the windshield wipers on high.

They already were.

It all got even better once we were off the freeway. Water stood in the streets as the overwhelmed drains slurped up what they could. Using the curb lane threw up rooster tails four and five feet high, even at a crawl.

Then we began the climb up to Cleveland Heights. That’s when things got crazy. The four lane road that is Woodland Avenue was now two soggy lanes and two rushing rivers of flash flooding, complete with impromptu rapids created by the stray orange cone or other detritus not washed entirely away. The intersections were lakes in the flow, some requiring a running dash to avoid flooding the engine.

Ferrett and I were laughing like idiots, charged up on nature at its finest – wild enough to create havoc, but not so crazed as to actually kill anyone.

By the time we passed through the final lake outside the theatre (deep enough that people were waiting for clearance and then racing through, and requiring a 90 degree turn to the right to get into the parking lot) I could hear the occasional whine from beneath the hood as the sopping engine belt slipped, the brakes were decidedly wet and squishy, and I was relieved that we didn’t have any further to drive. Kat and Eric were mildly surprised that we had come at all.

Us? We wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

* Kat described this movie best: "I feel like I've been walked around in a very good coffee table book." A fascinating look at the work of an artist who works in nature using local materials and creating pieces of sometimes-limited durability (frail ice sculptures and long leaf trails - but also stone walls) whose work is in many ways very spiritual. Not for everyone, but I'm really glad I saw it.

[User Picture]From: theferrett
2003-07-22 05:21 am (UTC)
I was joking about the windshield wipers, my love... But the rain was incredible. Yoiks!
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